Still waiting.

So, here I am again, 8DPO. I’ve been taking progesterone supplements since 2 or 3DPO, depending on when I actually ovulated. I don’t take my temp every day, so I have to rely on these damn ovulation predictor things, and they are just frusrating.

The progesterone sucks. I hate it. I won’t hate it if it helps me stay pregnant, but right now? Hate. I’m moody. I could cry over the stupidest little things. And jesus fucking christ, I am NAUSEOUS. It’s ridiculous. It started Sunday night and it’s continued on into today. I have to munch on something constantly or I feel like I might lose my breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. I’m blaming it on the progesterone because I don’t think it’s possible to have morning sickness before I even get a positive pregnancy test.

Which I could have soon. Who knows. This whole thing is just a bunch of wait, wait, wait. I’m tired of waiting!

And the worst part is, if I DO get a positive test, I’ll be so terrified of losing it again that I won’t even be able to enjoy it.

To be continued…


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