Guess not.

Well, I’m pretty confident that I’m not, in fact, pregnant.

 My boobs DO hurt, and I do have that horrible nagging gassy pain in between my ribs, and I’m not spotting (which I normally do before AF gets here), and I’ve only had a few dull cramps.

 But of course I tested this morning, JUST TO SEE, and got a BFN.

I’m not all that surprised. What does surprise me is how much I really don’t care. I mean, I DO, it would have been nice, but I’m not, like, in a deep depression about it or anything. We weren’t trying, it didn’t happen, lets move on with our lives.

 Someone on BBC asked me today if I planned on seeing an RE about my issues. And the truth is? I just don’t think I’m ready. I don’t want to go down that road, I really don’t, I don’t WANT to know what’s wrong. Not yet. Because I think it will hurt me pretty deeply when I find out what the real cause is, since it’s certainly something to do with me.

 Anyway. That’s that.


2 thoughts on “Guess not.

    • I’ve been thinking about you!

      Yeah, trying again, no. Just can’t even think about it. I think this month I was actually kind of excited, because we WEREN’T trying, it just kind of happened, and when AF was three days late, I got my hopes up, not gonna lie.

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