Playing the waiting game.

That’s really all TTC is, isn’t it? A waiting. Wait for your period to be over, wait to ovulate, wait to test, wait to see if the baby makes it.

Now, I’m waiting on test results. The nurse drew 20 vials (yes, you read the right — 20 vials) of blood on Monday, during which I almost passed out — not because I have a fear of needles or blood or anything, but because I’d fasted for 12 hours before the test and 20 vials is a LOT of blood! She told me I “did great” after she’d given me some crackers and a juice box. I felt like a little kid that was being patted on the head and sent on her merry way.

It will take about a week to get the results back, maybe more. If I have the mutation, I’m not really sure how we’ll proceed. I guess it depends on the severity (I guess there are several levels of the mutation? One or two on different chromosomes or something? I’m very confused). Right now, I’m doing everything she told me to do. I’m taking all the vitamins, I refilled my Prometrium prescription, and probably Friday, I’ll start peeing on those damn ovulation sticks again. (I hate those things. I’m thinking this cycle I’m going to splurge and go for the digital ones. Smiley faces are my friend.)

Waiting waiting waiting.


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