Well, that stings a little.

I had this post all typed up about resolutions. And how I don’t really make them because I never follow through. Long story short, I’m getting fat, I know how to lose the weight, my fridge and cupboards are now stocked with yummy healthy foods and I’m going back to the gym on Monday. (Yes, we’re TTC, but I think it’s ok to lose weight before I actually get pregnant. I’m not doing anything drastic, just changing my eating habits and being more active.)

Then my best friend called. She has an almost-4-year-old (my beautiful goddaughter, McKenna). She and her husband have been talking about maybe having another baby, but haven’t really been “actively” trying because he works overnights and she works during the day, so they’re schedules just don’t make it easy to do the things *necessary* for making a baby.

Well, whatever they’re doing worked, because she’s pregnant.

And OK, before you even go there, YES, I am happy for her. I screamed on the phone when she told me. I’m thrilled for them, they are great parents and a little one will be an awesome addition to their family.

But DAMN IT. I can handle random people on Facebook posting pregnancy announcements. I can deal with people I know from work getting pregnant. But WHY, LIFE!? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE MY BFF?!

UGH. I feel like throwing things.


2 thoughts on “Well, that stings a little.

  1. oh sweetie … i’m sorry … i know how you feel – i’m trying to brace myself when that happens in 2 months when my friend starts ttc … i just know it’s going to happen quickly and it will sting like no other …
    i can only tell myself it happens that way for some reason – either there’s a better month for me, or she will really need it to happen then … doesn’t always work – but sometimes it help!

    good luck!

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