7DPO. Waiting.

Ok, here’s a confession.

I’m scared.

I mean, really. I’m pretty terrified.  I’m terrified that I’m pregnant this cycle. I’m terrified that I’m NOT pregnant this cycle. I’m worried that even though I got a postive OPK, maybe I didn’t actually ovulate.  I’m terrified of the possibility of giving myself an injection every day for 40 weeks. I’m so scared that there is something seriously wrong with me and that it won’t be fixable.

The progesterone isn’t helping ease these fears. It’s making me a hormonal mess, as it has the past two cycles, so I guess I’m not that surprised. This morning, I was sitting at my desk, working, when suddenly I just wanted to cry. My throat got tight, my eyes got wet, and I thought, what am I crying about? And I had no idea. I just had the overwhelming urge to cry. Thanks, hormones!

Today, I have cramps. They’re annoying, and I”m not happy about it. When I got in the car to go to work this morning, my lower back started throbbing. This is a typical symptom of getting my period/having my period, so that set me off too. It’s too SOON for me to get my period. I shouldn’t get it until at least Monday, if I’m not pregnant. WHY, BODY? Why are you doing this to me?

Also, I’m ravenous. I could eat everything in sight. And I’ve been doing so well with the eating (down 4 pounds, woo!). Now I just want to stuff my face.

If you got this far, thanks for reading! This post is really all over the place. Thanks, Progesterone!


5 thoughts on “7DPO. Waiting.

  1. You’re scaring me about the Progesterone. I get to start my fun on the big wheel tomorrow with a big shot in my butt every night. I haven’t been very hormonal so far but it sounds like the calm before the storm. lol.

    • I’m not going to lie, the progesterone sucks. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be like this for you! You’ve been handling all the other hormones really well, so you might be just fine.


  2. Sorry the progesterone is being such a mother to you. Keep us updated on your appoitment. I’ll be thinking about you today.

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