Still have cramps. Nothing major. Today they are more like odd little pulls in my lower abdomen.  I’m sure it’s nothing.  I’m likely just hyperaware of everything that’s going on with my body right now.

One thing, though. My boobs are bigger. No, don’t laugh, I swear they are! I put my bra on yesterday — my favorite pink bra from Victoria’s Secret, the one that fits me great and makes my boobs look perky — and it was tight. TIGHT. And my boobs were like, spilling up over the cups. I had to tuck them in! Very strange. At first I thought maybe I’d gained weight, but then I remembered that I’ve LOST 5 pounds, so that’s not it.

I realize I’m only 8DPO and this is probably just some sort of strange coincidence. Maybe my boobs are just growing. Who knows?

Today at 1:00, I see the hematologist. I’ve learned more about this Protein C thing from some wonderful women on babycenter, and it sounds like it’s probably an easy fix. If my levels are low enough, it’s likely that I will have to do the shots if I get pregnant.  But my OB said they were only “slightly low”, so the hematologist is going to have to make the call.

Confession: I’m secretly hoping he can tell me today if I’m pregnant or not. I know, I know, it’s a long shot, but it would be so much easier than peeing on a million sticks.


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