CD2. Out of the blue.

Last night, Tim and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. Maddie had gone to bed, and I was curled up against Tim, nodding off. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but out of nowhere, I said to him, “Alice. Alice Katherine Kegley. That’s what we’ll name her if it’s a girl.”

He looked at me like I was nuts. “Where did that come from?” he wanted to know. And I don’t know. It just kind of…came to me. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true! And I’m in LOVE with it. I really, really love it, and I haven’t really, really loved a name since Madeline Rose.

Tim is always “no no no” to all the names I pick out, but he didn’t shoot this one down right away, so I’m thinking I still have a shot.

And yes, I realize that I’m not even pregnant. And maybe it won’t even be a girl, if I ever do get pregnant. But it’s just a little slice of hope to hang on to. Little Alice, waiting for me to bring her into the world.


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