Holy shit.

I’m pregnant.


Please pray for me.  I am so terrified.

Starting Lovenox tonight. Want to cry because I stopped the progesterone thinking AF was here. Don’t know if it’s safe to start taking it again. I’m assuming yes?


ETA: Talked to the nurse at my OB’s office. She told me to go back on the progesterone and it would be fine. HCG draw next MWF. Hate those, but it had to be done. Then if everything goes well (please please please) we’ll do an u/s between 6 and 7 weeks.


12 thoughts on “Holy shit.

  1. WHAAAAAATT!?!?!?! Oh my goodness! WOAH! Probably having lots of feelings right now, I’m sure!!!! However, this might be a really great thing. I know you must be petrified, but I’m so excited for you! I’ll be sending well wishes your way and thinking of you!

    • I KNOW!!! I am just in total shock right now. I was NOT expecting that line to show up. I really wasn’t! I was doing it just to get it out of my head, you know? Just one last shot. When it started showing up I literally said out loud, “No. Way.” I went screaming to my husband, who laughed at me.

      Thank you for the well wishes — I’m really, REALLY hoping this one has a happy ending!


    HERE COMES ALICE!!!!!!!!! 😉 Don’t YOU think it’s a little odd that you had that thought out of the blue, and called the baby you didn’t even know you were pregnant with a girl?

    • I do. I think it’s just…crazy! I am in complete shock, I really am. I still cannot believe that I’m looking at a positive test. I was OUT this month, you know. I just can’t believe it!

      Now, I start the shots. Yikes.

  3. HOLY SHIT is right!! OMG! Thank God you took a pregnancy test. Now, you get to shoot up like me : ) The shots really aren’t bad after you do the first couple of them. I’m praying so hard for you. Take it one day at a time.

    • I KNOW! I am so, so thankful that I took that test. First shot in T minus 2 1/2 hours. Scared, but I know I’m doing it for all the right reasons. Thank you for the prayers! (And I’m right here praying for you too!!!)

    • Thanks! The first shot was a piece of cake. I really didn’t feel a thing, but it did leave a bruise. Last night’s shot was not as pleasant, but I’m thinking it’s just going to be trial and error.

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