Do you make house calls?

My OB called me yesterday afternoon. I missed the call, and I have to say that I was kind of surprised to hear from her. For all I know, she didn’t even know I had been pregnant again, but apparently she’s been keeping better tabs on me than I thought. Anyway, I called her back this morning and left a message, then waited all day for her to call back. I was pretty curious to see what she wanted, so I was excited when the phone finally rang at 4:00.

First, she asked how I was doing.  I told her I’d gone through a bad day, where I wanted to kill everyone, but that now I was pretty much at peace with it. I said, “I’m kind of used to it now. Isn’t that sad?” She agreed that yes, it sucks. She told me that yesterday, the blood order from my hematologist and my dropping HCG levels had come across her desk at the same time. She said, “All I could think was, SHIT, not again.” How sweet is she? Then, she told me we have a new game plan. It starts with “don’t give up!” Then, wait a full cycle. Then, on day 12, start the Lovenox injections. She thinks we were just a little too late with this one (SEE?! Told you.) and that this will help jump-start things. She also wants me to stay on the baby aspirin while on the Lovenox. And the progesterone.  She said, “We’re going to pull out all the stops. We’re going to make it happen.”


I don’t know. You are all going to start thinking of me as that crazy girl who swears of TTC and then a minute later changes her mind, aren’t you?


5 thoughts on “Do you make house calls?

  1. TTC makes us all crazy people in some way. I hope you give your OB another try and see what happens with her new plan. However, I know that’s easier for me to say, and it really is up to you. Good luck with the decision!

    • I feel like I’m on this rollercoaster and everyone around me thinks I’m a complete nutcase. Thanks, hormones.

      But really, in the back of my mind, I think I always knew that I’m not going to give up. I won’t let this beat me.

  2. answer to the last question: “No, because I knew you weren’t done.” 🙂 great to have a plan!!!!!

    TTC is like a crazy drug and the only relief is having a baby. 🙂

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