Are you still here?

I have a feeling my readership will drop now that I don’t have much to say!

But here’s a big announcement (which will probably surprise exactly NONE of you): Last night, I picked up my 30-day Lovenox supply. After this cycle, we’ll try this again. One more time. We really want a baby, and if this is what it takes, then this is what it takes.

I’m looking forward to the next 40-some days, before I have to start checking for signs of ovulation again. I’m looking forward to spending time with Tim and Maddie without thinking about being pregnant, getting pregnant, or staying pregnant. Tim is back at work, so we’ll finally have some money and we’ll be able to get out of the house more and do fun things as a family. I really think these next few weeks will be a good recharging point for me. I need to regroup. I need to take a step back. I need to breathe. (Can I just mention, though, that after a week, my stomach is just now starting to bruise from the Lovenox injections? It’s pretty maddening – battle scars from a lost battle. Ugh.)

So, I’m going to try to bring some cheer to this little blog. Here are some pictures of the little girl that makes my life worth living.

Don’t you love the marker on her face? Note to self: no more markers.

She put all these books in a square and said, “Maddie’s house!”


And here’s my wonderful, supportive, understanding husband.

And finally, my new hair.

There. Now that post was MUCH better than my recent ones.


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