CD16: Counting down.

Lets be honest. I have no idea where I’m at right now as far as my cycle goes. I know I’m on CD16, which is when I think I would probably ovulate if I didn’t think I’d already ovulated last week. But I seem to be having sort of fertile CM, so who really knows what’s going on. I also had some AF-like cramps today, and it seems really, really early for that. So really, I”m completely clueless. I’m just going to wait for AF to show and start fresh.

Yesterday I booked plane ticket to Florida. March 21 – 24th.  It’s not a big trip, but I’ll be to the beach by 11 am on the 21st and don’t leave until 6:30 on the 24th, so I basically have 4 days in the sun (at least I hope it will be sunny!) I’m going with my mom, and I cannot wait. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is the thought of buying a one-piece swimsuit. I’ll have probably been doing the shots for about 10 days by the time I get to Florida, so I’m guessing my stomach will be looking pretty black and blue. Not really going to want to show that off, I don’t think. Even my mom, who is really open-minded about stuff like that, suggested that I buy a one-piece. And it’s not that I have anything against one-piece suits. I think a lot of them are really cute. It’s just that I have a really long torso, which makes it really difficult for me to find one that fits right without looking silly or riding up my ass.

Speaking of wearing a swimsuit, I started working out with a personal trainer on Monday. OMG. Tuesday was ok, but yesterday was killer. I could barely walk! My legs were so stiff, and my butt muscles would have been crying if butt muscles had tear ducts. I worked out with him again last night, and about ten minutes in I was feeling much better. Today I’m not even sore! My goal is to be in great physical shape when I get pregnant again, so I’m going to keep at this, even if it hurts!

That’s all for now. Come on, AF! Hurry up!


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