CD19: 276 days ago…

It’s been approximately 276 days since I took my last birth control pill.

When we decided to start trying for a baby the first time, things were easy. I stopped taking the pill, and three weeks later, I was pregnant. This time around, things haven’t been so simple.

I guess I shouldn’t say that. Getting pregnant hasn’t been a problem. I got pregnant three weeks after stopping the pill this time, too, and again a month after that. Then a break, then we tried again and got pregnant. Then lost that one too, then another break, then got pregnant right away again. And lost that one too.

I just can’t believe it’s been 276 and I’m still not carrying a viable pregnancy. My cousin is due in 6 days with her first, and if I’d stayed pregnant the first time, I’d be due in about five weeks. I can’t believe it’s been that long and I’m still not carrying another baby.

Four due dates will come and go. March, April, July, and September. Will I be pregnant again before I hit any of those dates? Will I have suffered any more losses? So many questions, and no one can give me a firm answer.

276 days and counting.


4 thoughts on “CD19: 276 days ago…

  1. Thank you so much for the comment on Busted! I’m here saying Hi! back 🙂

    I feel ya, I’m sure you’ve seen I’m at 4 MCs too. Mine is unexplained too.

    Don’t you just want to say “WTF Uterus?! This is your ONLY job?!”

    • Your blog is amazing. Seriously! It makes me laugh, which, you know, is hard to do when related to stupid infertility.

      I did see that you also had 4. WTF? Not fair! The whole “unexplained” thing gets on my nerves too. It’s like, really? You really can’t tell me why my body keeps doing this? You are a doctor, that is your job! (They do seem to think that my MCs are due to a protein C deficiency in my blood, but I don’t feel very confident in that diagnosis for some reason.)

      And yes, I have had many a conversation with my uterus. I’m especially angry with it because it had no problem carrying my daughter and now it’s suddenly decided it’s on strike.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. TTC is not for the weak… that’s for sure. I’ve not blogged in a while… I’ve been somewhat of a mess. It’s just not happening how I thought I would.

    Good luck! I’ll be thinking about you!!!

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