CD21: Dreamin’.

Apparently this is the point in my cycle where I start to have pregnancy dreams. That’s all I dreamed about last night. Pee sticks EVERYWHERE! They were positive, but oddly so, lots of different colors and hundreds of lines, thick and thin and all over the place. I kept asking Tim, in the dream, if he could see the lines. He just smiled and nodded, over and over.

Hello, subconscious. You can stop any time now. Thanks.

On a side note, another great workout with the trainer last night. The problem is, the more I work out, the more I want to eat! I’m negating my workouts by eating Oreos and pizza!


2 thoughts on “CD21: Dreamin’.

    • It’s weird, but signing up for the group training class has really helped me stay motivated. And also, the fact that if I DO get pregnant, I want to be cute. LOL! I’m so superficial. Oops.

      Thank you! AF should be here early next week, and then the countdown to trying (and injections) begins. Eek!

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