CD25: Please let me throw up.

Ok, my body can knock it off ANY TIME NOW.

Yesterday I didn’t feel great. At first, it wasn’t as bad as the episode last Thursday, but then it started to get worse. We went to dinner at Tim’s parents, and I could barely eat. After that, we headed to my cousin’s last high school hockey game of his high school career (side note: I used to babysit him! Now he’s 18 and graduating high school! How did that happen?)

At the game, I wasn’t feeling great, so I told Tim I thought we should go. Got home, got Maddie to bed, and watched TV for a bit, but I just had a bad feeling that the nausea was going to get worse.

And wow, was I right. I got into bed and we were watching some of the Olympics. Tim was talking to be about curling, and I finally said, “Ok, don’t talk to me anymore. Don’t touch me. I’m going to throw up.” I rolled over, closed my eyes, and holy shit. I have never been that nauseuous. My stomach rolled. It jumped. It lurched. My skin was clammy. My mouth was watering. It took me an hour to fall asleep.

Today, I still don’t feel great. WTF?!

No, I’m not pregnant. There’s no way!

I just wish my body would stop this!


2 thoughts on “CD25: Please let me throw up.

    • It does suck! Honestly, if I were pregnant, I’d be embracing it. But of course my body didn’t get the memo that it shouldn’t be nauseous if I’m NOT pregnant. Jerk.

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