CD29: I’m so impatient.

Did you notice that I changed my blog layout? I get really bored with it really easily, so I tend to change it up every now and then. I do the same thing with my desktop background at work. I can’t handle looking at the same thing for too long, so I usually change it every few days.

Announcement: I AM SICK OF WAITING. UGH. Come on, AF. Where are you? I had some cramps, I had the teeny tiniest bet of spotting yesterday, and now? Nothing.  Wettish, creamy CM is not indicitive of AF coming any time soon, so I’m not pleased.

I’m just READY. Ready to start over, ready to count down the days until I have to start the injections again. And my newest fear? That my body will rebel in some crazy way and I’ll be ovulating when I’m on vacation in Florida. Thousands of miles away from DH. I think I might have a breakdown if that happens.

I am so impatient!


4 thoughts on “CD29: I’m so impatient.

  1. i was on the crazy train waiting for AF to show up this time around. we had to induce it with provera, and even then it was a mystery when it was coming. i envy women who know EXACTLY when their periods are coming. it’s a completely foreign concept to me.

    *knock on wood* that AF shows up pronto for you!!

    • I know! I hate not knowing when it’s going to come. Being on the pill made it so EASY (even though I’m never going on the pill again). I wish my body would just start beeping or something to tell me when to expect it.

      I’m lucky in that even after 4 m/cs, I’ve never had to have my period induced. Hopefully that’s the case for you too after this cycle — although being pregnant would be MUCH better 🙂

  2. I feel you!!! This cycle is KILLING me. When it is all said and done it will be between 45-50 days. AGH!!!!!!! I have the provera on stand by, but hopefully I won’t need it. I often find myself staring at my chart hoping that if I look at it again, it will somehow change and I’ll be closer to the end of this long, long, cycle.

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