CD1: YES, you’re reading that right!

Let’s just ignore my previous post, shall we? We’ll call it a momentary lapse in sanity.

I started having pretty bad cramps this morning, and my back was aching.  Went to the bathroom, because one of my biggest fears is bleeding through my pants at work (seriously — I have major anxiety about it!) to see if anything was going on and sure enough, red when I wiped! Not quite a “flow” yet, but I’m certain today will be the day. These cramps don’t lie, people.

I have to say, I’m relieved. If that test would have really been positive, I would have been so terrified. I wasn’t taking progesterone! I hadn’t done any Lovenox injections! I was not READY to be pregnant again!  So now, I can start fresh. Take my baby aspirin daily (I’ve been slacking), keep eating healthy and working out, track ovulation, hope it happens, start Lovenox injections and progesterone, and see what happens.



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