CD30: What is that?

Tim brought home pregnancy tests last night. Since my AF symptoms have all but disappeared and my boobs are KILLING me (seriously, my left nipple is on fire, WTF is up with that?) we thought, ok. I’ll POAS and then magically, AF will appear because obviously it will be negative because there’s no way I could be pregnant.

Except I peed on the FRER and there was SOMETHING there. A smudge? A shadow? All we both knew was that it wasn’t a blank white screen. I didn’t want to use another FRER, so as not to “waste” them, so Tim got me a bunch of dollar tree tests. I used one, took a shower, dried my hair, came out, looked at it and saw this.

I’m going with evap line for sure, but who knows. I don’t want to pee on any more sticks because now I’ve got the whole “maybe I am” in the back of my mind and I’m most certainly NOT. And plus, OMG, if I am, I don’t want to call my OB! She told me to wait 30 days! She said use protection! She said don’t get pregnant! She will be maaaaaad.

I thought for sure when I woke up, AF would be here. But no. Nothing.

Also, logically thinking, if I were pregnant, at this point in my cycle, I think the line would be much darker than that, don’t you? Although, this cycle, all these cycle days are just good guesses, because with the m/c, I don’t honestly remember the exact day I started bleeding and not just spotting.

DAMN IT. I was trying to avoid this confusion!

Ok. I’m not pregnant. There. That’s it. I’m making the decision FOR my body. Stop messing with me, body! AF will be here today, I”m sure of it!



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