CD3: Where did AF go?

When I was on the pill, my period came every 28 days like clockwork (obviously, because that’s how the pill works). It lasted four days, with one day of heavy flow and the rest pretty light. I honestly don’t even remember what my periods were like before the pill, but I don’t remember them being awful or anything, or ever lasting very long.

Now I never know what I’m going to get. It sucks. I had light flow Thursday morning, medium-ish Thursday evening. Light yesterday again. Nothing over night. Nothing this morning. No cramps anymore either. Could my period REALLY have been this short? I am so confused. I know I”m not pregnant, I freaked out when there wasn’t any blood this morning and I took another test. Negative. So where did AF go? Really only two days?

UGGGGGH. I need a menstrual cycle decoder.


4 thoughts on “CD3: Where did AF go?

  1. my periods have been really short like yours off the pill as well. at first i thought that meant that my insides weren’t shedding *enuf*, but the docs have been happy with my lining (started off thin after period and then got to a nice thickness for this ivf) so no worries :o)

    • It’s comforting to know that someone else has experienced this too, and even better that your doctor said it was ok. I did consider calling my OB on Monday, but maybe I won’t.


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