CD7: Then again, maybe not.

In order to be proactive about the whole injection thing, I called my OB’s office today to clear something up. When I started doing the injections last time, Dr. P (the hematologist) told me that I’d need to go into my OB’s office one a week for three weeks to have my blood drawn; tests would be done to be sure I wasn’t having any adverse reactions to the Lovenox. Since I’m supposed to be starting the shots next week, I called my OB’s office to ask if I’d need to come in once a week for three weeks right away, or if I’d wait until I got pregnant to do that. The nurse I spoke with said she was pretty sure we’d wait until I was actually pregnant, but advised that I should call Dr. P just in case, because the nurse didn’t want to be the one to make that call.

I called Dr. P and left a message with his nurse, who called me back a couple hours later. She said she’d reviewed my chart to bring herself up to speed and then spoke to Dr. P about the situation. Here’s the kicker — Dr. P said I should NOT start the shots on CD12. In fact, his plan for me is to continue taking the baby aspirin and then if/when I get a positive pregnancy test, I’ll start on the Lovenox immediately, only this time on an increased dosage, and then stop the baby aspirin.

Lets’ review: Dr. A (my OB) tells me to start doing the shots at CD12 and to continue the baby aspirin as well. Dr. P tells me do not do the shots while TTC, and discontinue the baby aspirin if I get a BFP and start the increased dosage of Lovenox.

So you can see why I’m confused.

I called Dr. A’s office back and spoke to the same nurse who’d advised me to call Dr. P. She set me up with an appointment with Dr. A on March 15 (which will be CD19, a full week after I was going to start the shots) to discuss this. She did say, “I will tell you that there are certain situations in which we do things differently than Dr. P suggests to do them.” She also told me that even if I do start the shots a week later than I originally intended, it would not make a huge difference. (And she’s probably right, since it’s not likely that I’ll even ovulate until CD16.)

I have no idea what I am going to do. I am so frustrated and angry and OVER IT. I was all ready to get started again, I had myself prepared to start the shots on Monday, and now I feel like I’m just hovering, waiting for an answer.



2 thoughts on “CD7: Then again, maybe not.

  1. ughhhhhhhhhh….. don’t these doctors understand that we are already going through ups and downs of cycles and don’t need this inconsistency to go on top of it? You have been mentally preparing yourself for this for a month and now this!!? I’m sorry, this must be SO FRUSTRATING!

    • I know! A really big part of me wishes I never would have called and asked, but truly, blood thinners are nothing to mess around with. I’ve been taking my baby aspirin faithfully, but I did that last time too and it didn’t make a difference, so I’m back to feeling not good about the whole thing. SUCKS.

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