CD13: Matchy matchy!

Two down, a million to go!

Now I have matching purplish-blue bruises on opposite sides of my belly button. It’s quite attractive, let me tell you! The itty bitty hot pink bikini might have to go.

This morning’s injection wasn’t bad at all.  It didn’t even sting like yesterday’s did, and I was actually sort of hoping I wouldn’t have a bruise. No such luck, though. Two dots! A few more and I can start connecting them.

Hoping for O pretty soon. Getting lots of good signs — fertile CM, cervix is high and soft, and today I’m crampy. Could I actually be back to O’ing on day 14? That would be great.

That’s about it. Just waiting, as usual!

Edited to add: Look, I’m good at lining up the dots! (Also, I promise to stop subjecting you to photos of these damn bruises soon.)


2 thoughts on “CD13: Matchy matchy!

  1. Yay for getting ready to O – boo for the bruises 😦 I’m glad you’re at least doing ok with giving yourself the injections. Keep it up!! You know, if you decide to ditch the bikini, there are some totally cute and fashionable one-pieces out there. They’re not like they used to be. If it were me though, I’d say screw it, I’ll wear this bikini if I want to and who cares what people think. Besides, a couple of days of tanning and those marks will be much less noticeable.

    • Thank you! I’m actually quite impressed with myself as well. I remember when I first found out I was going to have to do this, I had a major, sobbing breakdown. But it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I could do without the bruises, but if this is what it takes, this is what it takes, right? (I do sort of shudder at the idea of injecting into a hard, preggo belly though. Eek.)

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