CD14: Ugh.

Still no O. I was really hoping my jacked up cycled had worked itself out and I’d O on CD14 like I always used to, but no such luck. My cervix is super high, super soft, and super open, and I’ve got so much slippery CM that I’m pretty sure a flock of seagulls could fly up into my uterus with no problem right now. But none of that makes a difference if the egg doensn’t want to come.

OPKs are super faint still. Usually at this point, they’re getting at least a LITTLE bit darker, so I feel confident that ovulation is around the corner. Now, I’m feeling disappointed and frustrated and the shot hurt really bad this morning so I’m crabby.

Come on, body. Get it together. Please?


2 thoughts on “CD14: Ugh.

    • I don’t temp. I honestly don’t have the discipline to do it every morning — I think it would drive me crazy! I’m hoping it’ll be soon. I’m only on CD14, and CD16 has been my average lately, so we’ll see.

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