I thought for SURE today the OPK would be nice and dark, maybe even positive.

Apparently I was very, very wrong. UGH. I hate this! It’s much lighter than yesterday, so I am not feeling very good about it.

Bad mood ensues.


2 thoughts on “Whatever.

  1. What time of day are you doing the OPK? Your LH surges in the afternoon generally, so if you’re doing it in the morning, you may miss it. Back in the day, I knew women who would go through 10 OPK’s in a day! I always thought that was a bit crazy, but I did end up switching from doing mine in the morning, to the afternoon.

    • Afternoon, always. Usually when I get home from work, around 4:30, 4:45. I sometimes go through 2 a day, because I have noticed over time that my I tend to catch my surge later in the evening, but I only do that if the afternoon one seems like it’s “this close!” to being positive.

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