CD16: We’re almost there!

Sorry about yet ANOTHER downer post last night! I feel like I”m a roller coaster or a tilt-a-whirl or something!

I decided to test at a different time today. Just because, well, you never know. I took an OPK at lunch and low and behold, it’s almost positive! (Note: This picture was taken with my phone, and the test is in my purse, and I had to hunch over at my desk and stick my phone in there to get the picture, so in person? The test looks much better. I swear.)

Not positive yet, but I’m sure it will be by this evening. So, CD17 should be O day. YAY! I can start taking the progesterone on Monday, continue with the shots, and hope for the best. 

Thank you all for putting up with my insanity — it means the world to me!


2 thoughts on “CD16: We’re almost there!

  1. The fact that you took this picture in your purse hunched over your desk is HILARIOUS! LOVE IT! The things we do…the things we do! This means you are half way there! C’mon sticky bean!

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