CD17: Crap!

Lately, my neck has really been bothering me. I slipped a disc a few months ago and it was dibilitating; the pain was awful, and I could barely move. When the swelling finally went down, the disc slipped back into place, I went to physical therapy for a week, and that was that. I had some pain every now and then, but I chalked it up to sleeping wrong or something.

Last Sunday, it was bothering me again. It just felt “off.” I asked Tim to massage it to try to get the kink out, and as soon as he pressed on a certain spot, I felt the disc pop. OUCH! This week I’ve been nursing it back to normal, but it’s still not 100%. Yesterday was really bad for some reason. I couldn’t get comfortable, and nothing was helping with the pain. Finally, I found a position to lay in that didn’t cause searing pain to run from my neck to my shoulderblade. Maddie curled up next to me and we started Watching Wonder pets. And I fell asleep.

And do you think Tim woke me up, KNOWING that O was coming and it was important that we do the deed? Do you think he thought of that?

NO! Instead, he let me sleep because he knew how bad my neck was bothering me. What a jerk!!!!! (I say that with love.)

So of course, now I’m all worked up about it. Sex the day before O is very important when trying to get pregnant!!!!!

Someone calm me down. Please? Tell me it will be ok. We did it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and will again today (don’t you love knowing the details of my sex life?) but DAMN IT we missed yesterday!



One thought on “CD17: Crap!

  1. It will be ok!!!! You had plenty of BD before ovulation! Also, it doesn’t seem that getting you pregnant is the issue, it’s the sticking. Hopefully these shots will be worth it and will make it stick! Let the countdown to testing begin!!!

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