CD18: Making it happen.

Well, last night was quite possible the worst baby-making sex we have ever had. Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m laughing NOW, but last night, I most certainly was not.

It started with dinner. We were having a date night, out to dinner for a friend’s birthday at a place called Fogo de Chao. It’s Brazilian BBQ, and basically, they just bring skewer after skewer of meat to your table and you eat until you’re full.

And wow, did we eat. It was DELICIOUS (and I would hope so, because the $160 tab, for just the two of us, really put a dent in my wallet!) and we had a great time, but we were so full when we got home that I’m surprised we even had the energy to take our clothes off at all.

Long story short, after a full hour, Tim still couldn’t get the job done. I finally just said “forget it” and rolled over. And then I started sniffling. And the sniffling turned to full-on bawling. Poor Tim, I know I was only making things worse and making it harder for him (or, not harder, HA), but I was just so upset that here it was, O day, our last shot at the gold, and we couldn’t make it happen. I left the room because I felt awful about making HIM feel so awful.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the details, but we eventually got to the point where the sperm can now, hopefully, meet the egg.

Ahh, TTC. You’re so fun.

Also, my shot this morning hurt like a bitch. We’re talking, I had the needle halfway in and had to pull it out because it hurt so bad. Then I had to stick it into a different spot so I could inject, and it took me ten minutes to bring myself to do it. That’s how bad it hurt. Fucking shots.

Let the two week wait begin.


5 thoughts on “CD18: Making it happen.

  1. LOL, I totally know what you mean. J’s back has been killing him and last night, our last shot so to speak, didn’t happen. Tried really hard not to be upset but we went to bed not talking to each other.

    I’m so beyond sick of this whole process.

    • It’s so hard! And I really do think it’s harder on us than it is on them. Peeing on stupid ovulation tests, planning out when to be intimate, waiting waiting waiting, being disappointed.

  2. your poor hubby!! i had a friend who’s hubby was practically on his death bed, and she forced him (her words, not mine) to do the deed bc it was that time of the month. what these poor guys go through! i’m glad you guys were able to accomplish your goal in the end :o)

    • OMG! Forced him!? I shouldn’t laugh, but I totally know where she was coming from. I do feel bad for my hubby, I think I’ve apologized a million times today. It’s hard, because so much of the romance is lost when you’re trying to get pregnant!

  3. ha ha! I know the feeling. I’m pretty sure that before the “deed” that finally did it for us I said to DH, “I need you to at least pretend to be interested.” So romantic.

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