7DPO: Do you think you are?

This morning, Tim and Maddie left for Wisconsin Dells with Tim’s parents. They surprised us with a little weekend getaway, and since I’m going to Florida tomorrow morning, I wasn’t able to join them. Maddie was SO excited, though. She’s been running around the house clutching her swimming suit all week. When she left this morning, pulling her princess suitcase behind her, I almost started bawling. I’ve never been away from her for more than 2 days! Now I’ll be gone for 5! That’s a lot in 3-year-old time.  She said, “Come on, Mommy!” When I told her I wasn’t coming with, her little face just fell. Talk about breaking my heart! But I need this vacation. I need some time away, and I think I deserve it. I can only imagine the size of the hug and the millions of kisses I’ll get when I get home on Wednesday, though. That makes me smile.

Tim has been texting me all day. His last text said, “Are you going to get all drunken in Florida?” I said, “No, probably not.” When he asked why, I said, “I could be pregnant.”

“Do you think you are?”

Well. No. Of course I don’t. I never do. (Scratch that – one month, when we were waiting 30 days and not trying, I thought I was. And I wasn’t.) So he said, “Oh, being all negative again.” Ha! He knows me so well. He said, “You NEVER think you are, and you ALWAYS are.”

Ok, well, I guess he has a point there. But again, DON’T JINX ME.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to spending 4 days laying in a lounge chair in the sun by the pool, and sitting out on the balcony reading a book and listening to the ocean.

But, I will confess. I am bringing ONE FRER with me. Just in case I really can’t hold out anymore. Although I truly do believe my mom and my aunt are going to do a great job of keeping my mind off of it. Earliest I’ll test is Wednesday, though. Thursday for sure, since I have my blood draw that day.

Come one, little egg. Burrow in there, and STICK!


4 thoughts on “7DPO: Do you think you are?

    • That is the one thing I am afraid of. Ha! I say, “Oh yeah, I’m for sure not testing until Wednesday.” But Monday is 9DPO, and I have never NOT tested 9DPO.

      I will! I plan to soak up as much as I can for me and for everyone else!

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