11DPO: Stupid laptop

I’m in Florida, heading home tonight, but my laptop crashed, which is why you haven’t seen any updates from me.

So here’s the update.


Yep, I’m pregnant.

Terrified. Completely terrified. But right now, I’m pregnant.

Thank you all for your prayers, your thoughts, and your well wishes. I don’t know how I could get through ANY of this without you.

More when I get back from my trip. I love you all!


11 thoughts on “11DPO: Stupid laptop

  1. Congrats Amanda! I noticed your blog on your tag line over at BBC. You make me laugh- thank you so much for that. I started following about a week and a half ago . . .then when you went quiet for the past few days I worried things hadn’t gone well. Looks like things went great!

    I’m due Dec 1 or 2 and a lovenox trooper too. Working on staying in the moment and keeping that moment positive!


    • I’m glad I can make you laugh — sometimes we forget how when we’re dealing with all this crap!

      I think my due date will be Dec 2nd or 4th. And I’m the same as you. Just trying my best to stay positive and not stress about this!

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