12DPO: 4 weeks

So, there it is.  I’m probably 12DPO, maybe 11, because I’m not 110% sure what day I ovulated. I got my first VERY faint line on Tuesday, 10DPO (or 9). My mom thought I was completely insane, but I told her that I’ve analyzed enough pregnancy tests to know that there was most definitely a line on that test. Tested again yesterday and the line was obviously visibile, although still faint. But my mom could see that one, so that’s a good sign. Ha ha ha! This test was taken this morning with FMU (which, as many of you know, is never nice to me.)  I wish it was darker, but I’ll take it right now.

I’m pretty scared. I can’t even really allow myself to believe that it’s true, because I’m so used to seeing that line, then seeing it fade away. I keep thinking, next week at this time, what will be going on? Will I still be pregnant? Will my numbers be rising?

But honestly? Despite being terrified, I’m relatively calm about the whole thing. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, and I can’t change it.

You guys should see the bruise I have from yesterday’s injection. Holy shit. I don’t know what happened, or what I did, because it didn’t hurt at all while I was injecting, but about half hour later I had this HUGE bruise, red and purple and blue, the size of  half dollar. And it was raised up, like a bump or a welt. And it just kept getting worse. Today it looks pretty gross, but I don’t think it’s raised up as much. I’ve been pretty lucky with the bruising — only a few have been bad — but NOTHING like this. Yuck!

Anyway. I have an appointment with the lab today at 11:30 to get my platelet count for the Lovenox, so I’m going to call as soon as the office opens and let them know that we need to add “beta HCG’ to the list today.

Come on, baby. Stick!


2 thoughts on “12DPO: 4 weeks

  1. Congratulations!! That test looks great! 🙂

    I know how you’re feeling and can relate all to well. Keep us posted on those numbers and hang in there as best you can.


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