4w1d: Be gone, cramps!

I have a hard time remembering back to being 4 weeks pregnant with Maddie, so I can’t say what my “symptoms” were or anything like that. What I do know is, right now, the only thing going on with me is that I have cramps. Icky, AF-like cramps that are REALLY messing with my mind. I don’t like it! I know cramps in early pregnancy are common (right? Can anyone back me up on this?) but for me, they’ve never been a good sign. Although for me, they’ve always been accompanied by spotting, which I haven’t had any of.ย  I just want my boobs to start hurting or something, is that too much to ask?

Guess what? I didn’t POAS today. I got home, went to the bathroom, and didn’t even THINK about POAS. I’m so proud of myself! (Except now that these cramps are still bothering me, I’m kind of wishing I HAD taken a test. Perhaps tomorrow.)

Now, I just wait. I don’t know whether I’ll get a call today with my first beta number or not. I’m pretty nervous, but hoping I can just enjoy the weekend.

Oh — and my due date, in case anyone was wondering, is December 2. That’s my grandma’s birthday!


10 thoughts on “4w1d: Be gone, cramps!

  1. Yes, early pregnancy symptom for me also ๐Ÿ™‚ Frame of reference is so different after all of the miscarriages. (Sad isn’t it) With my healthy 4 yo I was all shiny and new about pregnancy and was happy everytime I felt those early cramps.

    • It is impossible, after all the miscarriages, not to imagine EVERY LITTLE THING as “doom and gloom.” It’s really sad!

      Thanks for the comment — I like to hear that other people experienced these cramps and everything turned out fine!

    • Dr. Google tells me that cramps are common and totally fine if there isn’t any spotting, which there isn’t. So I’m feeling pretty ok about it at this point.

      Thank you! Going to do my best to just put it out of my head. Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. That was an early pregnancy symptom for me too. I also remember the twingy feeling in my ovaries. Otherwise it was just that and extreme migraines. Hoping for a H&H 9mths for you.

    ICLW #33

  3. Here I am commenting again- hadn’t read this post yet. W/ DD #1 I was SO sure my period was about to start I wore a panty liner for 3 days. I was mainly sure b/c of the cramps. They were bad. And they came and went the first few weeks. Same w/ this pregnancy. It is a totally normal pregnancy symptom. Lots of my friends have had them too. Good luck!

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