So far, so good.

I’m feeling okay about my beta number today. All the charts I’ve looked at say that the average HCG at 14DPO is 48, which makes my 31 at only 12DPO (maybe 11DPO!) look pretty good. Still having some cramps, but all you lovely ladies have really reassured me that it’s a common symptom.  I haven’t gone #2 in about 6 days (and it’s starting to show – my pants are tight!), so maybe that’s my hormones working hard too. Oh, and I woke up around 2 am feeling so nauseous I coulnd’t even get back to sleep. Yay!

Tim laughed at me yesterday when I told him, in a very excited voice, that my boobs were throbbing. He said, “Ohhh, well I know I’d be in a great mood if I was hurting too.” I told him I’d be even happier if I was puking, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

So, that’s my update for now. I’m just here, waiting. Every day that goes by without any spotting is a day closer to a healthy baby, so that’s what I’m holding on to right now.


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