An experiment.

This morning, Tim was laughing at me because I have all my pee tests lined up, in order of DPO. The bottom one is the digital, from yesterday, which is still proudly displaying the word “pregnant”. He got a look on his face, and then he asked me how the digital worked. I told him that according to Pee On a (that got me quite the look from him. HA!) the digital test picks up not only your LH, but HCG as well. Therefore, there will typically always be a second line on the test strip, not just the control line. He said, “Well where are the lines?” I told him, “Inside.”

Can you guess what’s coming?

We busted that baby open, just to see. Can you believe, in all my time of POAS, that’s I’ve never busted open a digital? Crazy, right?

So, JUST TO SEE, we opened it up. I KNOW that there will always be two lines. But I really, really like the looks of this. 🙂

It was JUST FOR FUN, people!  And it wasn’t even my idea!


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