Husbands are funny.

Yesterday, when I told Tim that my number had gone up very nicely, he started asking questions. His first was, “How did it go up that high so fast?” I told him that I didn’t think 397 was all THAT high, but it was a GOOD thing that it was going up like that and it would likely start doubling just every 48 hours now. Then he wanted to know where 397 fit into the range of “average” HCG at 16DPO. I told him that it was really not even worth looking at, because everyone’s levels are so different, but he insisted. (I wondered where all this interest was coming from, but didn’t think to question it.) So we pulled up a bunch of charts. All of them say that the “average” HCG at 16dpo is 65. Well, obviously mine is way higher than that, but it doesn’t mean anything. It just means things are going well, if you ask me.

Well, Tim is now convinced that I am having twins. And I find it SO funny! I couldn’t stop laughing. With every chart that I pulled up, and every number that he looked at, he got more panicked. “I can’t believe you’re having twins! I am freaking out!” And of course, me laughing hysterically, while at the same time trying to convince him that I am NOT having twins, was not making him calm down at all. He really thinks we’re having twins! I told him he cannot put any stock in the numbers to determine whether or not we’d have twins, and that my levels will probably only double at my draw today, but he is not convinced. I have no idea where he’s getting these crazy thoughts from, but I find it really, really funny!

In other news, I am nauseous. Ohhhh man am I nauseous. I went to bed last night thinking, ok, this is not good. I’m going to puke. I never did, but I feel like I could have! Also, this constipation can go away ANY time now. What can I take for it? Anything?

So anyway, 3rd beta today. Hoping for a nice high number again. πŸ™‚ Grow, little bean, grow!


7 thoughts on “Husbands are funny.

  1. Great to hear you guys are laughing and happy. The constipation- FiberOne cereal is my new best friend. What if your husband is right?!

  2. You never know. It could be πŸ™‚ I had a 988 beta at 16dpo with a singleton. I don’t know why there is such a variation, but I was panicked with that number, too! Glad everything is going so well.

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