Husbands don’t think.

On Saturday, Tim went to a “beer bust” fundraiser for is buddy’s softball team. It was $10, all-you-can-drink beer, for 3 hours. Needless to say, after about an hour and a half, Tim was pretty drunk.

He sent me a text to tell me that he’d won Twins tickets for the game against the Rays on July 1st (YAY! I am so excited to go to Target Field) and then asked if I would come pick him up. When I got there, he came stumbling out of the bar, in broad daylight, and basically fell into the car. He was trashed! As we drove, he started to tell me about his day. It started with, “I told everyone that you’re pregnant!”

Um. WHAT?! Wait…seriously? WHY?!

He continued, saying that he’d then told everyone about all the miscarriages and the testing and about the fact that I have to do injections for 9 months.

Wow. Um. Ok.

I’m sure that it felt good for him to talk to someone about it. He hasn’t talked to ANYONE about it and even though he’s a man of few words, I know it’s been really hard on him watching me struggle through all of this.

But damnit! He told everyone I’m pregnant! That was the ONE thing I didn’t want to do this time around! I’m terrified that now I”m jinxed and something will happen and then he’ll have to go back and tell everyone that I’m NOT pregnant. Or even worse, something will happen and then I’ll run into one of the people he told and I’LL have to tell them what happened. (We live in a small town. It could very possibly happen.)

And the other thing is, he told all his friends, but he won’t tell his family. His mom knows, but no one else. What is that all about? I don’t understand. If he was going to tell anyone, I’d much rather it be family than his friends.

Don’t get me wrong, part of me finds it very endearing that he got all drunky and was so excited about the baby that he told all is friends. But I really wish he would have asked me if it was ok to tell before he told.

Hang in there, baby. Mommy loves you.


5 thoughts on “Husbands don’t think.

  1. I think I would be upset, but sounds like he was too out of it to have any judgement skills left. Wow, friends know, but not family, so you’ve got a bit of a problem there if you are in a small town. Yep, I would be upset.

  2. yes, that woudl mamke me nervous too…the irrational side of me.

    the rational side would say that you know that it has no bearing on the outcome.

    sounds like things are going GREAT!

    p.s. check my private blog…was our timing off?

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