8 weeks! I made it!

Today is a big day for me. 8 weeks seems like such a milestone for some reason, and I have been anxious all week for this day to get here.

I’m feeling good about this pregnancy now. I’m so attached to my little poppy seed (which is actually now a little kidney bean) and I feel like now, I’m starting to get into the point when things start “happening”. I still don’t have a lot of symptoms (except horrible gas pains and bloating, and the occasional wave of nauseau) but I’m not letting it bother me. I’m ready to embrace this pregnancy, this baby, with all I have. Finally.

(Please just don’t let it backfire on me.)


10 thoughts on “8 weeks! I made it!

  1. woo-hoo! that is awesome! it is great to read how happy you sound and that you aren’t being bogged down by worry!

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