Ok, I couldn’t take it. There’s no way I would have been able to sleep (or eat, or function for that matter) if I didn’t find out what was going on. So I went to the ER.  Matt, the physician’s assistant, was SO sweet. He just kept saying, “Try to stay calm, I know it’s hard considering your history. It’ll be ok, it’ll be ok.” So he did a blood draw to check my HCG and sent me for an u/s. I thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous. The tech asked me to explain my situation, and she said, “Ok, it’s going to be ok. I just have one rule when you’re in here.” And she clutched my arm and said, “You have to remember to breathe.” And she smiled and she was just SO nice and really put me at ease. I couldn’t see anything through the abdominal u/s, which isn’t uncommon since I’m only 8w3d and my bladder was empty. We did an internal, and she turned the screen towards me and said, “Ok, mama. Take a look.”

And there it was. That beautiful heartbeat. I started crying, I”m not going to lie. She squeezed my hand and said she didn’t see any evidence of any other blood and that baby is measuring right on track, 8w3d. Heart rate was 180, up from 120 not even two weeks ago, so that was really good too. Obviously this is not a guarantee that everything is going to be ok, but I feel MUCH better now. If the heart rate had been low, I’d be worried. But 180 is GREAT, and baby was curled up in the cutest little ball, that little heart flickering away.

They’re calling it a threatened miscarriage. I have to take it easy, don’t lift Maddie or anything else, no sex, get rest, etc. and follow up with my OB in a few days. But for now, everything is ok.


10 thoughts on “Update.

  1. Just thinking about you and hoping everything goes okay. Glad you went in to the ER. Really glad they were nice and understanding, as I know that isn’t always the case.

  2. Well I’m in tears, the good kind. 180 is excellent-would that be fast, as in another girl perhaps? That Maddie is sooo cute by the way-have enjoyed the pics.

  3. Oh, Amanda! I am SOOOOOO glad everything is OK! Just checked this morning and saw your last post too. I know lots of women bleed for one reason or another and I think it’s reassuring that it was brown!

    I love that the ultrasound tech said, “OK, Mama, take a look…” SO sweet!!

  4. i knew it! omg, baby looks adorable in that picture :o) i’m glad you went to the ER and got it all figured out. i can’t imagine just having had to wait at home for monday to crawl around before doing anything about it. glad you got your sense of peace back and go rest up! *hugs*

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