13 weeks!

My OB tells me that as of today, I’m officially in my second trimester! I MADE IT! I am so, SO happy. I don’t have to take the progesterone anymore, either, which makes me nervous, but at the same time, I’m starting to ahve more and more faith that everything is going to turn out just fine.

Guess what? I’m 99% sure I felt the baby move last night. I know, I know, it’s realllllllly early, but they say with your second baby you feel movement sooner, as soon as 13 weeks! I was laying very still, and I felt this little “pop-pop” a few inches above my pelvic bone. It was enough to make me realize it had happened. And then it happened again! A little tickle-pop-pop. It was the baby, I just know it. 🙂


NT Scan — 12w5

Everything looks great! Baby was moving around like crazy. He had the hiccups and he was sucking his thumb. It was SO cute. It’s amazing to me that he’s doing all that moving around and I can’t feel it yet. Crazy!

Also, you’ll probably notice that I’m calling the baby “he” now. Didn’t I just say in my last post that I think it’s a girl? Well, I think it’s a boy now. No real reason, just a feeling.

 I was given a timeline for future appointments, too. After 28 weeks, I’ll have to be seen every 2 weeks until 32 weeks. After that, I’ll be seen every week. At each appointment, I’ll have an ultrasound and an NST. She said plan on at least two hours for each appointment. My boss is going to LOVE that. I’m already stressing about it. 

But anyway, here are some pictures!

I made it!

Before I say anything else, I need to say thank you to all of you wonderful, amazing blog friends of mine for visiting my blog and leaving so much support. 238 people read my blog yesterday. That’s crazy! I truly don’t know where I would be without all of you, and your support really means the world to me.

Now, on to the exciting stuff — I made it past 12 weeks!!!!!!!!

I’m 12w1d today, and I’m loving it. My belly is getting round, and it’s not all mush anymore either! I can actually feel where my uteurus is protruding, it’s very cool. Baby’s heart is still beating away, and I’m slowly getting back a little bit more energy. I’m taking the progesterone for at least a few more days, and then that’ll be history. Tuesday I have my NT scan and appointment with the midwife — I’m really looking forward to seeing the baby again, because this time, she should really look like a baby! (I’m sure you caught the “she”. Yeah, I feel like it’s probably a girl!)

Last night I went and bought a bunch of maternity shirts and a couple dresses. Reality is, my belly’s only going to get bigger, so I decided to stock up on some shirts while Old Navy was doing a big clearance and sale.

I’ll need more soon enough, but for now, I should be good.

And before I forget, please send lots of positive thoughts out to these blogger friends —

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I’m almost 12 weeks! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Second trimester, here I come!  Baby’s heart is still beating strong, and my little belly is definitely rounding out already. Crazy! I’m still completely exhausted, so I’m really hoping that in a couple weeks that will change.

One thing I’m worried about? Stopping the progesterone.  My next appointment (and NT scan) is next Tuesday, and I think at that point she’s going to tell me I can stop taking it. But I”m worried! I don’t feel ready to stop taking it! What if my body doesn’t produce enough on its own?

Other than that, I’m doing well. Not as worried anymore, so that’s good.

Maddie had her cardiology appointment today. First, they did an EKG.  Maddie did SO well. She didn’t cry or anything (it didn’t hurt her, but I thought she’d freak out — it freaked ME out). The doctor came in and said Maddie’s EKG looked abnormal, which was not what I wanted to hear. Then she listened to Maddie’s heart and said, “I agree with your pediatrician. It doesn’t sound normal. We’ll do an echocardiogram, and we’ll figure out how to fix it.” Again, really not what I wanted to hear.  We took Maddie in for the ECG and again, she was a trooper. It was really hard for me to see her laying on that bed in a little hospital gown, a tech doing an ultrasound on her little heart, which was beating away on the screen. She fell asleep during it! Such a good girl.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was only about 10 minutes) the doctor came back in. She said, “Ok, scoot your chair closer. And don’t get scared by what I’m about to tell you.”  Um…ok?

She drew us a picture of Maddie’s heart. She said, “She has a beautiful heart. It’s perfect. Except for this hole right here.” She showed us that Maddie has a 7mm hold between the upper left and right chambers of her heart. She said the good news is, it’s not causing her any problems. She said, “If there was a problem, the right side of Maddie’s heart would be telling me that. But it’s beautiful. It’s perfect.”

At this point, they’re not going to do anything. She said that one of a few things will happen.  Either it will stay the same size, get smaller, close up, or get bigger. We’re hoping for get smaller or close up, but we’ll find out in 15 months when we go in for a recheck. 15 months feels like a million years, to be honest. But the doctor said, “You don’t need to treat her any differently because of this. She’s beautiful and healthy and perfect.” But I can’t stop staring at her, watching every breath she takes.  I hate that she has this little hole in her beautiful baby heart.

I know it will be ok. (It will, right?)


Thanks to Nicole, I came up with a new name for the blog. It seems much happier now, and not so scary.  What do you think?

In non-pregnancy-related news, I hate my job. This is nothing new, really, it’s just that some days I hate it a lot more than others. Today is one of those days.  Most days, I can deal with it, but this week, my co-worker is out (unexpectedly) and I’m doing both her job and my job, and my level of hatred for it has risen about 100% since Monday morning. I’m bored! I’m smarter than this. I have a lot more to offer than this.

Thing is, the job pays pretty well, and I work for a very successful company. In other words, I don’t have any fear of losing my job anytime in the near (or far) future. We still get two bonuses a year, and last year was our 4th best year in company history. Needless to say, I don’t plan on looking outside of the company for a new job anytime soon.

The work I do allows me to come in contact with many different departments/divisions throughout the company. This has given me a lot of insight into what different parts of the company are like. I can easily name off all the departments I would never work for (and there’s a lot of them.)

The one area I’d like to work, though, is payroll. My desk is right next to their department, and I’m close with a lot of the people who work over there.  A few of them know how unhappy I am in my position, and they’ve talked about getting me over into payroll at some point. Someone is retiring in July, and there will be some shifting. The supervisor of the position that will be opening up already knows that I’m interested, and she’s commented that I’d be a great fit for their department.

Well, now another woman might be leaving the department very soon. She has an interview with another company on Thursday, and it’s looking pretty good for her.


But I’m pregnant. Do I have any sort of shot? The supervisor that likes me is also the supervisor for this position. I’m trying not to get too hopeful, because she may not even get this other job, but what if she does? Do I dare even apply?


I have to admit, the name of my blog is bringing me down.

But honestly, I can’t think of anything witty to change it to.

Help! Name my blog!


Remember the other day, when I was saying that I hadn’t had any morning sickness or nauseua and I was so happy because I was almost in my second trimester and wasn’t likely to get sick now?

Well, I was wrong.

Since Saturday, I have been so, so nauseous. I haven’t thrown up, but I truly feel like I could. Usually it’s a sign that I need to eat, but even after eating, I’m still not feeling great. I totally jinxed myself!

I got a call today from a nurse at my hematologist’s office. She wanted to verify that I needed my 60mg refill of Lovenox. Um…what? I’m only on 40 and I get it from my pharmacy.

The nurse was pretty confused. She said, “Are you pregnant?” Um…yes, I have been for almost 11 weeks now. She said they didn’t have any of my bloodwork on file. None of my platelet draws to help them determine if I’m on the right dose of Lovenox.

Needless to say, I panicked. I called my OB’s office right away and they sent the results over. Now I’m just hoping I’ve been on the right dose all this time! Yikes!