Feeling good. Is that weird?

9w2d today, and I feel pretty good. Aside from having  a couple days in the past 5 weeks where I’ve been nauseous, I haven’t had any morning sickness (knock on wood!) I never had any with Maddie, either, so maybe it’s just a trend with me and pregnancy. None of my pants fit — I literally cannot button them — so I bit the bullet and bought a couple pairs of maternity pants, the one with the low band, to get me through the next however many weeks until I actually “pop”. I don’ t have a waist to speak of anymore, which makes me laugh because my hourglass figure is pretty much gone. All for a good cause, of course.

One thing I will say — holy shit my boobs are KILLING ME. For the past week or so, it’s been impossible to go without a bra — a sports bra, at that — and whenever I take it off to shower, I just cringe. They’re so heavy and sore!

But besides that and the occasional gas pain, I’m feeling really good. Hoping this is a sign that this pregnancy is going to go smoothly. I mean, I’m not going to get violent morning sickness at 10 weeks, am I? God I hope not!

First appointment on Tuesday. Excited, nervous, happy.

(And LOVING my doppler.)


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