Working out.

When I got safely past the 6 week mark with this pregnancy, I started thinking about my last pregnancy. I was a lot heavier when I got pregnant with Maddie, so packing on the pounds wasn’t an issue — it happened pretty quickly. I weighed 205 pounds when I had her (20 of which I quickly shed immediately after delivery) and had easily gained 50  – 60 pounds. While that was fine for that pregnancy, I knew that if I got pregnant again, I did not want to gain that much weight. I blame my high blood pressure on my weight gain, and I didn’t want that to happen if I ever got pregnant again.

With this baby, I weigh about 20 pound less than I did when I got pregnant with Maddie. I promised myself that I was not going to let my eating get out of control. Really, I only need to add 300 -500 calories a day to my daily intake, so I swore I wasn’t going to pull the pregnancy card when having a third piece of cake.

Except CRAP, that’s exactly what I ‘m doing! To be fair to me, I have people around me who are total enablers. My co-workers are constantly leaving treats on my desk, saying they’re “for the baby!” Even my own mother is shoving food in my face.

But enough is enough. I’m taking control again!  I need to eat more fruits and veggies, I need to drink more water and more milk, and I need, I NEED, to exercise.  Nothing major, just a walk outside or on the treadmill at the gym.  I dont’ see any reason why I can’t keep my weight in check throughout this pregnancy. And walking is good for you, so that’s a good way for me to get some activity in.

I loaded my iPod with fun workout songs and I’m going grocery shopping this afternoon to stock my cupboards.  This is going to be a healthy pregnancy come hell or high water.


One thought on “Working out.

  1. Yeah for you. I gained 42 lbs with my pregnancy with my daughter. I managed to get to 203. I had always said I NEVER wanted to be over 200! It sucked. (I also had HBP with my pregnancy.) I’m the same as I was before I got pg and if I ever get pg again, I have the same goals.

    Good luck!

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