10 weeks!

Double digits, baby! This makes me very happy. I’m inching closer and closer to the second trimester. Yay!

Had my first appointment on Tuesday. It was basically just education, though she also did a quick pap and exam. She tried to listen for baby’s heartbeat but couldn’t find it. I admit, I freaked a little, but when I got home, I was able to find it with my doppler, so I’m feeling really good about things.

Other than that, I really don’t have much to report. I’m exhausted, constantly. Every day about 12:30 at work, I hit a wall. I feel like I could just lay my head down on my desk and sleep the afternoon away. So that’s been a struggle. But it’s totally worth it.

Also, I’m now in maternity pants, because they’re just SO much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my non-mat pants that button, buckle, or zip.

Here’s what my belly looks like today, at 10 weeks. You can see one of my bruises fading away.


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