Remember the other day, when I was saying that I hadn’t had any morning sickness or nauseua and I was so happy because I was almost in my second trimester and wasn’t likely to get sick now?

Well, I was wrong.

Since Saturday, I have been so, so nauseous. I haven’t thrown up, but I truly feel like I could. Usually it’s a sign that I need to eat, but even after eating, I’m still not feeling great. I totally jinxed myself!

I got a call today from a nurse at my hematologist’s office. She wanted to verify that I needed my 60mg refill of Lovenox. Um…what? I’m only on 40 and I get it from my pharmacy.

The nurse was pretty confused. She said, “Are you pregnant?” Um…yes, I have been for almost 11 weeks now. She said they didn’t have any of my bloodwork on file. None of my platelet draws to help them determine if I’m on the right dose of Lovenox.

Needless to say, I panicked. I called my OB’s office right away and they sent the results over. Now I’m just hoping I’ve been on the right dose all this time! Yikes!


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