I’m almost 12 weeks! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Second trimester, here I come!  Baby’s heart is still beating strong, and my little belly is definitely rounding out already. Crazy! I’m still completely exhausted, so I’m really hoping that in a couple weeks that will change.

One thing I’m worried about? Stopping the progesterone.  My next appointment (and NT scan) is next Tuesday, and I think at that point she’s going to tell me I can stop taking it. But I”m worried! I don’t feel ready to stop taking it! What if my body doesn’t produce enough on its own?

Other than that, I’m doing well. Not as worried anymore, so that’s good.

Maddie had her cardiology appointment today. First, they did an EKG.  Maddie did SO well. She didn’t cry or anything (it didn’t hurt her, but I thought she’d freak out — it freaked ME out). The doctor came in and said Maddie’s EKG looked abnormal, which was not what I wanted to hear. Then she listened to Maddie’s heart and said, “I agree with your pediatrician. It doesn’t sound normal. We’ll do an echocardiogram, and we’ll figure out how to fix it.” Again, really not what I wanted to hear.  We took Maddie in for the ECG and again, she was a trooper. It was really hard for me to see her laying on that bed in a little hospital gown, a tech doing an ultrasound on her little heart, which was beating away on the screen. She fell asleep during it! Such a good girl.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was only about 10 minutes) the doctor came back in. She said, “Ok, scoot your chair closer. And don’t get scared by what I’m about to tell you.”  Um…ok?

She drew us a picture of Maddie’s heart. She said, “She has a beautiful heart. It’s perfect. Except for this hole right here.” She showed us that Maddie has a 7mm hold between the upper left and right chambers of her heart. She said the good news is, it’s not causing her any problems. She said, “If there was a problem, the right side of Maddie’s heart would be telling me that. But it’s beautiful. It’s perfect.”

At this point, they’re not going to do anything. She said that one of a few things will happen.  Either it will stay the same size, get smaller, close up, or get bigger. We’re hoping for get smaller or close up, but we’ll find out in 15 months when we go in for a recheck. 15 months feels like a million years, to be honest. But the doctor said, “You don’t need to treat her any differently because of this. She’s beautiful and healthy and perfect.” But I can’t stop staring at her, watching every breath she takes.  I hate that she has this little hole in her beautiful baby heart.

I know it will be ok. (It will, right?)


5 thoughts on “Updates.

  1. that’s awesome that maddie fell asleep during the ultrasound. she sounds like a tough lil cookie :o)

    my sister in law had this happen when she was little and ended up having surgery. but she’s 100% aok now. she had 2 babies and is healthy as a horse. hoping the hole closes for maddie and none of this will be an issue, but just wanted you to know that surgery will fix it, if need be. *fingers crossed* that her cute little body fixes things on their own tho :o)

  2. I want to say that around 12 weeks the placenta really starts functioning and then you don’t need the extra progesterone anymore? That’s my vague recollection anyway!

  3. Gosh I can only imagine how scary it is to watch your child go through this – it’s scary enough when we have to go through these things oursevles! I’m glad she made it through like a champ 🙂 And I’m very glad that the doctor is not concerned about what is going on – crossing my fingers for you that things just fix themselves!

    And congrats on 12 weeks!!!!! 🙂

  4. Awesome news about 12 weeks! Wow! You sure are moving along!

    As for Maddie, sorry to hear about that. It sounds like she is tough though, and it sounds like it’s a good thing they caught it, so the dr.’s can keep an eye on it. With the Dr. keeping track of it, she should be ok!

  5. It will get better. When my daughter was 8 months she got a UTI. Which I guess is alarming for little ones, so she had to have a bunch of test to see if her kidneys and ureters worked and were formed ok. They were but they found a cyst on her ovary that was about a cm. That seemed big to me since she was only 8 months. We went back a year later to check and it was 1/2 the size. Her doc thought all is well and said we didn’t need to go back again. It’s been another year and I think I will ask them to check again.

    I think Maddie will be ok and it will get better. If for some small chance it gets bigger, they found it early while it is small and can fix it. Which is a gift in itself.

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