NT Scan — 12w5

Everything looks great! Baby was moving around like crazy. He had the hiccups and he was sucking his thumb. It was SO cute. It’s amazing to me that he’s doing all that moving around and I can’t feel it yet. Crazy!

Also, you’ll probably notice that I’m calling the baby “he” now. Didn’t I just say in my last post that I think it’s a girl? Well, I think it’s a boy now. No real reason, just a feeling.

 I was given a timeline for future appointments, too. After 28 weeks, I’ll have to be seen every 2 weeks until 32 weeks. After that, I’ll be seen every week. At each appointment, I’ll have an ultrasound and an NST. She said plan on at least two hours for each appointment. My boss is going to LOVE that. I’m already stressing about it. 

But anyway, here are some pictures!


5 thoughts on “NT Scan — 12w5

  1. This is Sara from BabyCenter. My advice on those appointments is trying to schedule as many of them in advance as they will let you. That way you can try to do your best to fit them into your work schedule. My doctor’s office was very good about doing this when I explained that taking too much time off was a problem for my job. Just a tip 🙂

    • Thanks Sara! I plan on telling my boss about the appointments ASAP (she’s out of the office right now) just so she knows that at some point, they’re going to be much more frequent. That way, I can gauge with her when she’d prefer I make the appointments. Luckily, I’m scheduled out to my 28 week appointment already, so hopefully I can schedule my others in a month or so.

  2. Very cute pics. I held my good friend and co-workers newborn (7 days today) Gosh he was so cute. Made me want #2 even more…. Glad things are going so well for you.

    I don’t understand why you have to go to doc so much?

    • Thank you! And #2 will happen for you, I know it. 🙂

      The reason I have to go for so many appointments after 28 weeks is that I’m on Lovenox, so they need to monitor the baby and my placenta very closely to make sure that the Lovenox is doing its job and my placenta is functioning correctly and not clotting anywhere.

  3. Ah, how wonderful! 🙂 SO happy for you! And yes, all those appointments…they are a pain, but also really nice to have an extra dose of reassurance every week that baby is doing well. I have 6 days left on Lovenox- Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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