14 weeks

Confession: I don’t feel pregnant!

It’s very odd. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been nauseous in the past 14 weeks. Minus the horrible bloating and inablity go to #2 for two weeks in the beginning, I haven’t had any “symptoms” at all! Hello, baby, are you in there?!  (Oh, wait…my boobs are huge. I mean…HUGE.)

So today, I’m 14 weeks, and I’m hoping that in the next couple weeks, I’ll really start to feel the baby moving around. That’ll make it all seem more real. I do have a visible bump now, and I’ll try to get a photo up soon. Several people at work who didn’t know I was pregnant have now been asking others in my department, “Is Amanda pregnant?” I have to say, it makes me smile.

Oh. Tim got laid off. I don’t really feel like getting into it, because it stresses me out in a major way, but I will say that I’ve done my fair share of crying, worrying, and more worrying since it happened on Tuesday. Money is tight as it is, and I just can’t figure out how we’re going to make ends meet. We don’t have a savings account because we used it all to pay for Maddie’s medical bills, and right after that, Tim was laid off and didn’t work for 8 months. So we’ve basically been playing catchup since he went back to work in February, and now we’re back at square one. I may scream.

In happier news, there are LOTS of infertile bloggers I know that are finding themselves PREGNANT!  I am so excited for each and every one of you. You are in my thoughts daily!

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5 thoughts on “14 weeks

  1. Love the bump! You are looking great!

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s job…. 😦 I hope things will all work out!

  2. So sorry to hear about hubby! I too am getting laid off and my paycheck pays lots of our bills! I know how you are feeling. Try not to stress for the babies sake! Hope he finds something quickly!!

    Lovely little bump you have!

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