16 weeks!

My baby ticker tells me that soon, I’ll be able to feel the baby kicking. I cannot WAIT for that moment. I’ve felt her jumping around every now and then, and I have the doppler to reassure me whenever I start to feel nervous for one reason or another, but I know that when I finally start to feel those kicks, this whole thing will feel that much more real. I’m so excited to have made it this far, and I am even more excited for my big ultrasound on July 21st. Right now it seems so far away, but if I get this new position, I’m thinking that time is going to fly. Learning something new at work always makes the time go by faster!

Speaking of the new position, my second interview went really well too, maybe better than the first (if only because the second interview was with a woman and she asked me a lot more questions, so I was able to wow her with my answers. Ha!) I met with the HR recruiter yesterday afternoon, and she laid out a whole career path for me if I get the position, which was awesome. In my current position, there’s no room for growth, so it was exciting to see an actual pattern laid out. She told me that they’re making a decision on Tuesday, and she’ll let me know either way then. I’m hopeful, but nervous. I did NOT tell them that I’m pregnant, though I’m pretty sure that at this point, they could be wondering, based on the fact that my bump is pretty obvious. So we’ll see.

Speaking of my bump, here it is!

It’s really rounded out. Crazy!

One more thing — I just want to take a minute to send SO MANY GOOD THOUGHTS to some newly pregnant blogger friends out there. To all of you who have ultrasounds tomorrow or early next week, I can’t wait to hear your news. I’m thinking of all of you!


4 thoughts on “16 weeks!

  1. Oh your bump is just the cutest!!! I sooo hope I get to post a pic like that in 10 weeks 🙂

    I really hope you get this job – sounds super promising to me! 🙂

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