18 weeks!

Last night, Tim, Maddie and I met a friend for dinner. As I slid into the booth, the baby KICKED! It actually startled me, it was so hard. Most of the movements so far have been very subtle, and I’ve only noticed them if I’ve been sitting quietly or really concentrating on them. But this one came out of nowhere and shocked me. Baby is definitely making his/her presence known.

Speaking of his/her, Maddie thinks it’s a boy. We asked her if she’s going to have a brother or a sister, and she said, “Buzz-her!” Although yesterday, she changed her vote to “siss-her!” so who really knows. The other day, I was leaving for work and she came up, gave me a hug, kissed my belly, and said, “Mommy, baby out now!” No, honey, it’s not time yet!

Not much else to report. Slowly working on getting back to “normal” with Tim. Counting down the hours until I’m DONE with my crazy bizzo boss (12!) Going to the Twins game at Target Field tonight and very excited about seeing the new stadium. And looking forward to heading up north for the weekend after a 1/2 day of work tomorrow.

Happy 4th, everyone, and thank you ALL for your support over the past week and a half or so. I haven’t had a chance to comment back to all your wonderful comments, but you have no idea how much it means to me to know that you’re all thinking about me. Only one or two people “in real life” know about what’s going on, so its’ nice to have a support system elsewhere.


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