Almost halfway there!

Things are going well. Baby is moving around a lot, and the other night I actually felt a kick from outside. I’ll admit, it got me a little teary-eyed. I guess I just never expected to make it this far, and now that I have, it’s sort of surreal. I am getting SO excited for our ultrasound (12 more days!!!!) and can’t wait to find out what we’re having. My gut is saying it’s a boy, but I was so sure Maddie was a boy too, and she’s quite obviously not! I think everyone around me thinks I’m having a girl, so we’ll see what the ultrasound reveals.

What do you guys think? Any guesses, just for fun?

I finally got Tim pinned down on names. He’s been hedging, not wanting to commit, but he actually admitted that he likes the girl name I chose, so that’s a big step for him. If we have a girl, she will be Amelia Katherine.  If it’s a boy, he’ll be Miles Daniel.

In non-pregnancy news, the new job is going really well. The “social” aspect is much different than my other job. Everyone is very quiet and reserved, which is a change for me. But I have a lot to do, and everyone is really nice, so I think that I’ll like it. And lets face it. ANYTHING is better than working for my old boss.

I leave you with my 19-week belly. Almost halfway there!


4 thoughts on “Almost halfway there!

  1. Love your bump! 🙂 Those names are really great, I love your choices. We’ve always known the first names we like, but now we just have to figure out middle names to go with them – hopefully it won’t be too hard! Glad the new job is going well too!

  2. You are looking great!!!! I bet you are so excited to find out the gender! I think about it every day! I’m going to go ahead and take a guess and go with mom’s intuition – boy!

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