A new day

Thanks for putting up with my previous pity-party post and for all your sweet, supportive comments. Really don’t know what I would do without all of you! Tim got  a check in the mail from his old job – apparently they owed him some back pay that he didn’t even know about it – so apparently someone was looking out for us. Feeling better about things.

Some random baby-related things:

Over the weekend, we got the spare bedroom all cleared out and ready for Miles. We moved the full-size bed that was in there into Maddie’s room, and she is in big-girl-bed heaven. She had a twin bed, but the mattress was shoddy and she never wanted to stay in bed. Since we gave her a “new” bed, she climbs right in, lines up all her guys, and doesn’t make a peep. She’s even been sleeping in past 7 — that’s unheard of in our house! Tim brought the crib in from storage and set it up, so now I have to get the bedding washed and we can get moving on getting everything set up. I’d rather get it all down now than when I’m too big, cranky, and tired to even care. Ha!

Baby has been sitting on my siatic nerve since Sunday. Just when I think he’s moved, he kicks again and I get shooting pain from my lower back down my right buttcheck and into my thigh. Usually this happens when I’m walking. At work. And I probably jerk my body around like I”m having a seizure. Hopefully no one’s been watching. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get him to move, I’ll gladly try them!

My boss officially knows that I”m pregnant. Personally, I don’t know how he COULDN’T have known, but I made it obvious yesterday. He came up and asked me how my weekend was, and I told him it was really productive. “We got the spare room all ready for the baby, so that was nice.” He didn’t appear shocked, so I’m guessing he knew (or suspected) and I just confirmed it for him. He asked if we knew what we were having, and we made small talk about it for a bit before moving on with our day. Glad that’s out in the open!

22 weeks on Thursday. In around 4 short months, I’m going to have a baby boy. Crazy.

OH, and Maddie felt the baby kick today! Her little eyes lit up and she said, “Mommy! My brudder kicked me!” SO sweet.


2 thoughts on “A new day

  1. I’m glad you are feeling better today. My husband is a student so although we are still ok with bills, it is really hard to be the main breadwinner. Lots of responsibility. Good luck!

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