Yes, I’ve been MIA. Sorry about that. I’ve still been reading all your blogs and keeping up with what’s going on with all of you, I just haven’t had much to say myself.

I’m trying to get out of this funk, and it’s really just not working. I’ve been snapping at Tim nonstop, I’ve been very impatient with Maddie, and all I want to do is lay around and stress about everything.

I don’t really know where do go from here. My mom keeps telling me, “Attitude is everything,” but I just can’t bring myself to follow that mentality.

Anyway, enough of me being a downer. Today, I went through the boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of Maddie’s baby and toddler clothes and separated everything into different sizes for a garage sale. I also pulled out a bunch of gender neutral stuff that Maddie probably wore once (if that) that Miles can wear, as well as a ton of never-used burp clothes, receiving blankets, and onesies. Add that to the many outfits he’s already gotten, and we have a good start. We still have a ways to go, but we’ve already purchased the bedding and mostly everything for his nursery, so we’re set there. I want to get a bunch of lined baskets for his bookshelf and use them for his onesies, diapers, etc. Any suggestions on where to purchase the baskets that’s not going to cost me an arm and leg? We looked at Babies R Us, but man, they’re $14.99 and up! I want to get about six of them, so that’ll cost me a lot!

I’m coming up on 24 weeks, and for the most part I”m feeling ok, but I can’t sleep much anymore. My hips ache if I lay on either side for too long, and my back has really been bothering me. This too shall pass, I’m sure.

Thanks for still following along with me even though I”m such a Debbie Downer lately. Love you all!



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  1. they’re not lined … but ikea has some basic baskets … you could also try wal-mart or bed, bath & beyond …

    cheer up – things all work out in the end : )

  2. I usually get annoyed when people make statements like, “Snap out of it” or “Attitude is everything.” That would be implying that it is actually easy for someone to do and it just doesn’t work that way for some people, myself included. If it were so easy wouldn’t I have done it already?

    I’ve certainly had (and will continue to have, I’m sure) my fair share of funks during this pregnancy. Just try and take care of yourself as best you can and cut yourself some slack. I’m still working on doing both of those myself!

    I hope you feel better soon and I can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery!

  3. I completely agree with Laurie. Try your best to focus your efforts on the positive and take care of yourself. Boy can I relate to the frustrations of not sleeping and all the aches of pains. It only adds to the stress level. You WILL get through this and you and Tim will find a way to make it work.

    I hope you feel better and that Tim can find some work soon.

    I second the suggestion to check out Michael’s for baskets. I found some really great lined baskets there the other day that were all 40% off! Can’t wait to see how your nursery turns out.

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