For the past couple weeks, I’ve been noticing a lot of contractions. One night, I had 10 in an hour and freaked out enough to ALMOST call the doctor, but then they stopped. I have them on and off all day. I had my NSP/BPP/appointment today, and before the nurse hooked me up to the monitor, she asked if I’d been having any contractions. I told her yes, and that they hurt. She said, “Well that’s no good…we don’t want that happening yet.” She hooked me up, and Miles did great. Nice and active, heart rate was perfect. But I had 4 contractions in 10 minutes. I could feel them and see them on the monitor. The nurse came in to check on me and said, “Ohhhh. You’re having contractions.” Yep. “Well, I’m going to leave you on for a bit longer and then show this to Dr. A.” Great. When she came back 10 minutes later, I’d had 3 more contractions. She said the was going to show the doctor, and what she guessed was that we’d do three things. First, give me a shot of terbutaline to hopefully slow the contractions down. Second, do some sort of cervial culture to determine if my body was getting ready for labor. Third, check my cervix for any softening/dilation.

She came back about five minutes later, shot in hand. Fuck. Gave me the shot, and warned me that it would likely make me pretty jittery. She was not kidding.  My hands were shaking. I felt like I could have run a marathon in about twenty minutes. We went in for the ultrasound, and everything was fine. He looks great, chubby cheeks and all.  Then it was back on the monitor. Good news is, the terbutaline slowed the contractions down.  Bad news is, my cervix is really soft and getting shorter. From now until 34 weeks, I have to be on oral terbutaline every four hours (which should make sleeping even MORE fun). If I have contractions through the medication, I have to call them. I’m not on bed rest yet, but she said, “NOTHING EXTRA.” So basically, go to work, come home, do nothing else. Joy.

Now I wait on the results from the culture. If there’s a certain protein present, I’m guessing I’ll be put on bed rest. If the test is negative, that’s good news. She said that means I won’t have the baby in the next two weeks for sure. So we’re hoping for negative, obviously.

Anyway. That’s that. I’m freaked out. And I just had another contraction. I just want him to STAY PUT for awhile longer. 31 weeks is too soon!


3 pounds!

Today I started my bi-weekly ultrasound/NST appointments. This baby is STU. BBORN. I was supposed to be on the NST monitor for 20 minutes. They wanted three “big” movements from him to say I’d “passed”. Well, after 20 minutes, he hadn’t moved hardly at all. He’d been super active all day, so I knew this was just him being a little stinker (in fact, as I type this, my belly is  bouncing around all over the place). The nurse came in and had me drink some juice. Nothing. Then she had me shift to my left side. He moved once, then quieted down again. Finally, after 10 minutes of laying on my side, the nurse was satisfied and let me move on to my ultrasound.

He’s head down, which is no surprise, since my pelvis feels like it’s about to break in half every time I stand up. She’s estimating that he weighs about 3 pounds, which she said it right on with my due date. He’s grown so much! She wanted to get a picture of his face for me, so I could see how much he’s changed since the 21-week u/s, but he would NOT move his hands! He had them right over his face, both of them, and no matter how much we jiggled him, poked and prodded, he would not move them! He was kicking like crazy but would not move those hands. He just didn’t want to be seen today! Maybe next time.

29 week pics!


There’s this woman I used to work with when I was working in my old position. She’s severely lacking in social skills (she seriously does not understand the meaning of “personal space”) and she has zero tact. I was up on the 6th floor the other day (where I used to work) and talking to someone up there, and this woman came up (right into my personal space, of course) and said, “Wow. You’re gettin’ fat!”

Well, hello to you too.

She then said, “How long do you have left?” I told her, and she said, “WHAT? You’re HUGE, you’re never going to make it that long!”

Ok. First of all, NO, I am NOT huge. I have a belly, of course I do, but I’m PREGNANT, you moron! And I’m measuring EXACTLY on for how far along I am.
Second of all, SHUT UP. No, seriously. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

 I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s had to deal with these kinds of people. Honestly, how can they be so clueless?

Sleeping to Dream

I had a horrible, horrible dream last night.

I dreamed that I went in for an ultrasound, and Tim, my dad, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin were all there in the room. The tech came in and checked my stomach, then left. We waited and waited, and all the lights were off in the room, and all of us fell asleep. Finally my dad woke me up and asked when the ultrasound was going to be. I marched out into the waiting area and demanded to know what was taking so long. The tech told me there was something wrong with my baby, and they were going to take him out for awhile and then put him back. I started crying and refused to let them take him. Then they were holding me down and spreading this stuff on my thighs; the nurses told me it was for the defibrillator (WTF did I eat before bed? Geez!) and that I needed to calm down.

I woke up several times during this dream, but every time I went back to sleep, the dream picked up where it left off. That never happens with GOOD dreams.

I think all of this stemmed from the fact that I have an ultrasound on Friday and for some reason, I’m worried. I know it’s unfounded, and I know he’s fine, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks, subconscious, for creating such a nightmare out of my stress! As if I don’t have enough sleepless nights as it is!

Yeah, I’m still not sleeping well. I’m lucky if I get 3 – 4 hours a night, and it’s never good sleep. I’m going to ask my OB about it at my appointment this week (which is also my Glucose screening appointment. Joy.) Hopefully she’ll have some advice for me.

28 weeks

Can hardly believe that feesibly, in 9 or 10 weeks, I could have another baby. A little boy. That is crazy.


And Tim got the job. 🙂 (I”m thrilled that he’ll be working, but not so thrilled that they low-balled him. I don’t like when things aren’t as advertised, but a job is a job and it’s permanent and he gets a raise in 3 months. So, YAY!)

High Hopes!

Tim’s interview went GREAT. He called me afterwards, and I could tell by his voice that he was really excited. He told me that as it turns out, he went to high school with the son of the guy that interviewed him (the owner). He also plays softball on Wednesday nights with the guy’s son! Definitely a good thing. When the interview was over, the guy told Tim, “You’re on the top of my list. If we hired you, could you start right away?” Um…YES! The guy has one more interview tomorrow, and then he’s going to let Tim know. But it’s really looking good. Now we just have to hope that tomorrow’s interview doesn’t blow the guy away. FINGERS CROSSED!

Today’s the day

Two things happening today.
First, Maddie has an appointment with the ENT for her ears again. I’m guessing we’re going to have to have another set of tubes put in (which I know isn’t a HUGE deal but I just hate them putting her under) and hopefully that’s the extent of it.

Tim’s interview is at four. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I feel like I might have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t get this job.