Please, please, PLEASE!

Job searching is not fun. Tim has applied and applied and applied, and he’s had maybe two interviews, if that. So many people apply for every job that he applies for that it’s almost impossible to get noticed.

Besides his vocational degree in Sheet Metal, he also has a vocational degree in Major Appliance Repair. When we met, he was an appliance repair tech, and he was good at it. He still  is– he does it for side jobs a lot. He has over 5 years experience, and schooling, so those are good things.

While doing my daily web-scan of open jobs for him on Wednesday, I found an opening for an Appliance Repair Tech at a company about 15 miles from where we live. They’re asking a lot as far as experience goes, and Tim has all of it. 5+ years, schooling, EPA certification. The pay is $38 – $50K a year, depending on experience, along with paid time off, paid holidays, company incentive program, paid overtime, etc. And — get this — and $8,000 sign on bonus for signing a 1-year work agreement.

I told him he should apply. What does he have to lose?  So we sent his resume on Wednesday. Last night, he was talking to his brother about applying for the position, and guess what? His brother went to high school with the guy that owns the place! They probably haven’t talked in years, but it’s SOMETHING, you know? So Tim called this morning to see if they’d received his resume. As soon as he said his name, the woman on the phone said, “OH! Yes, yes we did! Walter is going to call you, but he’s out right now. Maybe half an hour?” So half an hour later, Walter called and said he was very interested in meeting with Tim for an interview. It’s on Tuesday at 4:00.

Please, please, PLEASE let this be it. Cross your fingers!


6 thoughts on “Please, please, PLEASE!

  1. Praying that this all goes your way!!! I know all too well the frustration of job searches – my husband has been looking for work for 2 years after his layoff as a consultant and has only managed to get temporary contracts. This sounds really promising for you guys though!! YAY!

  2. Fingers crossed! I know how frustrating it is with the job search – my DH has been looking for over 2 months now and it’s frustrating to see him not even get calls back on these jobs. I hope Tim’s luck turns quickly!

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